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Cuticle Nipper Sharpening is all eye hand coordination. I have over 30 years experience sharpening Cuticle Nippers. I hold the inside edges properly so that both left & right edges meet together. Then I hone the outside to make it sharp. Lastly I thin the outside edges so the nipper is thin enough to get to the cuticle. Cuticle Nippers don’t cut for several reasons:

With a lot of use the edges dull. Falling to the floor will certainly bend the blades. The worst is when the manicurist tries to sharpen the nippers with an emery board. That really tears up the edges.

I sharpen for Mail Order, for Salons, for Supply Companies, and a couple of Factories whose names you would recognize, one for 10 years until they moved away and another for the past 15 years.

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