What to Know About Cuticle Nipper Sharpening

Cuticle nippers

Professional manicurists and individuals alike use cuticle nippers to snip away rough cuticles from around their fingers. Over time, however, cuticle nippers can lose their edge, becoming dull and ineffective. Instead of tossing out your cuticle nipper, you can restore it to new by using cuticle nipper sharpening services. Here’s what you need to know:

Why cuticle nippers don’t cut

Before we discuss the details of cuticle nipper sharpening services, we must first understand why you might need them in the first place. Cuticle nipper sharpens, just like any type of scissors, can become dull over time from repeated use. Additionally, if you drop your cuticle nippers, you can end up bending the blades. Some manicurists use emery boards to sharpen the blades of a cuticle nipper, but this can actually make the problem worse, tearing up the edges and making it all but impossible for a nipper to cut away cuticles.

How it works

Cuticle nipper sharpening requires excellent hand-eye coordination skills. As such, you need someone who has spent years honing their craft. A master sharpener will hold the inside edges properly so that both the left and right edges of the cuticle nipper meet together. Then, they will hone, sharpen, and thin the outside edges so that the nipper is sharp enough and thin enough to slice away at a cuticle.

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