Shear Maintenance: Why Hairstylists Need Their Scissors Sharpened


Shear maintenance is simple if you stick with a routine. In your industry, precision is of the essence. You can only achieve this by wielding the sharpest tools. But haircut precision isn’t the only reason you should have your shears sharpened by a professional regularly.

Here are a few reasons why having your shears sharpened by a professional on a routine basis will benefit you and your business.

Extend the Life of Your Shears Shear Maintenance: Why Hairdressers Need Their Scissors Sharpened

Just as a chef has his knives sharpened, and a hockey player his blades, you, as a hairstylist, must also be attentive to the tools of your trade. Routine sharpening of your shears, typically every 4 to 6 months, will prolong the life of them. You won’t have to go out and buy a new pair, which you may have to unwillingly do; many hairstylists have a favorite pair of shears that fits like a glove, cuts flawlessly, and just feels perfect while they hold them. Keeping up with routine maintenance is absolutely crucial.

Less Stress on You

Cutting causes stress on the hand, particularly your thumb region. This stress increases as your blades dull with time because you are exerting more force on your hand in order to push the blades together. This “grinding” effect is the result of loose tension in your blades. Along with having your shears sharpened by a professional, you should also have the tension checked.

Better Precision

The sharper your shears are, the more precise your cut will be. This is paramount to your profession because you are in the business of making people look good! Dull shears cause hair to bend and occasionally pinch, and if you cut a lot of dry hair or hair with a lot of product in it, you could be doing damage to your shears, dulling them with each trim and creating nicks in the blade.

Hairdressing is an art form, and like every art form, the proper tools are needed to create your best work. At Sidney’s Expert Scissor Sharpening, I use a Rapid Edge Sharpener on right-handed and left-handed shears and finish them with a factory quality edge. For a complete list of services in the LA area or to request a sharpening today, contact me at the information below!