Scissor maintenance

Your scissor should be wiped after each use with a clean towel. At the end of the day you should put the smallest drop of oil on top of the screw and on the “ride” line, at the back of the scissor behind the screw. The smallest drop of oil, there is no need to drown the scissor in oil. Too much oil will run down the blade and get into your customers hair.

Always keep your scissor in a scissor case. If the cutting edge of your scissor comes in contact with a hard object, the edge can be damaged.

The screw or adjuster should be kept tight enough so that the scissor held in an open position (one finger ring above the other) will not fall closed. This slight pressure keeps the blades of the scissor in proper relationship to each other.

When cutting hair, side pressure is not necessary, and should not be used. A sharp, properly adjusted scissor, will cut hair without side pressure. Applying side pressure, will dull the blades quickly.