Blade Types for Expert Hair Cutting

Blade types

The blade on your pair of hairstyling shears is an artful weapon, and you must wield it as such! Even the slightest dull edge will transform a textured or relaxed up-do into an up-don’t.

We’ve distinguished the different types of shear edges and the kinds of haircuts they work best for here.

Blade Types for Expert Hair Cutting:

Convex Edge

A convex edge is the type of blade finish found on Japanese hairstyling shears. The edge is slightly curved in the form of an arc shape, and is refined into a thin point. This edge is different from the kind found on a pair of Germanic scissors, The thin convex edge included on a pair of Japanese hairstyling shears needs little force to operate; most hairstylists use this type of scissor to cut more advanced styles, but they are also used to perform slide cuts and lighter styles such as wisping. A convex edge gives a stylist more flexibility in terms of the variety of cuts they can perform.

Scissors with a convex edge need to be re-honed. This means that an expert scissor sharpener must sharpen the thin flat line that runs along the hollow side of the edge (the hone line). When sharpened precisely, a cleaner run is achieved and the pair of shears typically functions better than when they were in their original state.

Beveled Edge

The edge found on a pair of Germanic shears is known as the beveled edge, and it is much more angular than a convex edge. They are considered easier to sharpen by sharpeners, but they produce a less smooth-feeling cut than the edge type found on a pair of Japanese scissors. Most hairstylists use a pair of beveled edge shears because of the steeper angle, as well as the affordable price. This type of blade requires more force when used to cut hair.

Beveled Edges are sharpened at a steeper grade, allowing the hair stylist to cut with a choppier technique. Germanic scissors are the popular tool chosen by barbers who do not perform many slide or precision cuts. Unlike the razor-sharp edge of a pair of Japanese shears, the facing sides of Germanic shears are flat.

Whether you’re blunt cutting, slide cutting, or point cutting, Sidney’s Expert Scissor Sharpening has the necessary tool belt, along with years of industry knowledge that will greatly improve your cutting techniques. View our pricing and contact us today for an expert sharpening!